Best Vitamins for Erectile Strength

Health Tips - Nov 18, 2023

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Jun 04, 2024

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best vitamins for erectile strength

If you have erectile dysfunction, you may find it difficult to get and maintain an erection when you feel aroused. Weak erectile function can significantly affect your quality of sexual life, your ability to perceive physical stimulation, and your nerve function for blood flow.

If we look at the states, around 30 million males in the U.S. alone have been suffering from ED because of their lifestyle and bad habits.

Erection is dependent on blood flow. When men become aroused, whether from sexual thoughts or touch, blood flows into their erectile tissue, and the penis becomes larger and firmer, resulting in an erection that allows them to have penetrative sex.

There are many erection pathways, and several potential health benefits are associated with vitamins. Taking essential vitamins and supplements is beneficial for men’s health and helps regain erectile strength.

Below, we've covered everything you need to know about the link between vitamin deficiency and erectile strength with suggestive studies and also talked about certain medications that work best at getting and maintaining an erection.

Read on to learn more about the best vitamins for erectile strength. So here we go with the very basics first.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, as medical professionals often call it, is a biological condition in human beings with a penis. This condition is referred to as a sexual disorder or dysfunction because it includes the malfunction of sexual organs.

To be precise, when a man has trouble getting or maintaining an erection for long enough to have sexual intercourse and the penis doesn’t stay erect, physical stimulation is a sign of erectile dysfunction. In some cases, the attained erection is so soft that it’s not sufficient for vaginal penetration.

This condition is common and can be found in men of all ages, even teenagers.

Recently, medical researchers estimated that ED affects over 50% of males between the ages of 40 and 70.

Can vitamin deficiency lower your erectile strength?

Vitamin deficiency potentially affects the strength of your biological rod. Isn’t it obvious that scurvy, rickets, pellagra, and beriberi-like conditions can result from vitamin deficiency? Erectile dysfunction can be influenced by vitamin deficiency as well.

It is not clearly defined that the body demands a sufficient intake of all vitamins for carrying out ideal body functions. Otherwise, numerous bodily functions can be significantly impacted (including sexual health) in a negative way.

Speaking of erectile strength, particularly, ‘D’ vitamin deficiency and erectile dysfunction are closely correlated. It can even add ' severity' to existing conditions like type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It’s because a sufficient amount of ‘D’ is a prerequisite for healthy testosterone secretion, which is again required for healthy sexual organs.

However, vitamin D is an easily obtainable source with sunlight exposure and a healthy, balanced diet.

In the same vein as folic acid (vitamin B9) and niacin (vitamin B3), deficiencies could also affect the ability to achieve a firm erection.

The 5 best vitamins for erectile strength

Since the lack of necessary vitamins is also potentially responsible for weak erectile strength, it is our utmost important job to ensure that our body is getting an adequate supply of all those vitamins.

Depending on your diet, lifestyle, and daily routine, some vitamins and supplements may hold distinct advantages over others.

Choosing the most appropriate vitamins can be challenging, so we’ve broken down complete research about vitamins you should consume.

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential source for a healthy immune system, bone growth, reproductive hormone production, and boosting testosterone levels in men. Lack of vitamins could lead to many variety of health issues, such as sleep, stemina, metabolism, and sexual dysfunctions.

Over 75% of American teens and adults don't get recommended levels of Vitamin D. – Study published in Scientific America. So this is a clear statement that deficiency of vitamin D has a huge impact on our body.

Although there is no concrete evidence that vitamin D affects sexual performance one study found that vitamin D improves sexual hormones like T- level and erectile function in men.

Additionally, one study conducted in 2017 involving 102 men with vitamin D insufficiency found that taking vitamin D supplements increased testosterone levels by 25% and also improved erectile dysfunction. 

Our body can naturally absorb Vitamin D through UV radiation and certain natural foods.

So here’s how you can get this micronutrition into your system; 

  • Fishes such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and their oils
  • Umbrella hats (mushrooms) 
  • Milk of soy, almonds, oat 
  • Poultry especially with red meat 
  • White heaven i.e, dairy; milk, cheese, curd….
  • Fruits like bananas and apples
  • Green vegetables 

If you are not afraid of tanning, we would highly suggest stepping out in the sun daily for a few moments. 

However, due to busy lifestyles, many men aren't able to spend a day in sunlight and walk or run outside for sun exposure, eating enough vitamin D-rich foods and supplementation can be helpful. 

2. Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin popularly known as ascorbic acid which acts as an antioxidant in the body that fights harmful free radicals and improves erection too.

There is no evidence about how this vitamin improves erectile dysfunction but it’s clear that long-term vitamin C treatment improves cardiovascular health and blood flow, which directly affects sexual health.

When men become sexually aroused, their body releases nitric oxide (NO) which widens blood vessels inside the penis and allows blood to flow smoothly. Vitamin C increases the production of nitric oxide same as The PDE-5 inhibitor drugs like Aurogra (Sildenafil) and Tadalista 20 mg, allowing men to stay hard or erect.

According to a study, erectile function may be related to some biochemical processes that enable you to become and remain hard during intercourse. One very significant journal claimed that Vitamin C lends a helping hand to that process. 

Moreover, it is believed that the ‘C’ vitamin participates crucially in the production of neurotransmitters(which not to mention are also a ‘must’ for inducing erection). 

  • Citrus fruits along with other refreshing ones like kiwi, papaya, and guava. 
  • Berries like straw, rasp, black, and blue
  • Bell-Pepper family and broccoli

Apart from sexual dysfunction, it also can prevent cell damage, boost the immune system, and reduce oxidative stress, and toxins from the body. Moreover, it plays a key role in building collagen and improving skin's elasticity.

3. Vitamin B3 (niacin)

Now there is a very low chance that your ED is triggered by B3 deficiency, as you will get this vitamin from almost everywhere. The cherry on top of this vitamin is that it can address two conditions at a time, such as high cholesterol and flaccid erections. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, isn’t it?

The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that dyslipidemia has many contributions to erectile dysfunction (ED), and after taking niacin for 12 weeks, they saw improvements in erectile function and performance.

As we just said, niacin, or B3, is omnipresent in foods such as red meat, chicken, fruits, vegetables, avocados, peanuts, and turkey, plus other foods.

Remember, if your cholesterol level is too high, get pieces of advice from your healthcare provider and make sure you’re maintaining cholesterol.

4. Vitamin B9 (folic acid)

Folic acid, also known as folate or vitamin B9, is closely associated with the crimson liquid flowing in our system and may support brain health, healthy DNA formation, cell growth, and the cardiovascular system. Let’s dive into a bit of detail.

We are all aware that a lack of proper blood supply to the genitals can also induce erection problems. This blood flow problem might be due to the insufficiency of folic acid.

There is proven research in 2020 that men with ED who took folic acid daily for months found quite improvements in erectile strength.

Ensure that there is adequate folic acid in your system, as this vital vitamin plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of red blood cells, which are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. The NIH recommends 400 mg of folic acid daily.

Hence, potentially alleviating erection problems Take enough leafy greens, legumes, eggs, beets, papaya, and citrus fruits into your diet for this.

5. Vitamin B12

A vital component of DNA synthesis, methionine is produced when homocysteine is broken down by vitamin B12, often known as cobalamin. 

While there is a limited pool of studies specifically focusing on the direct impact of vitamin B12 on erectile dysfunction (ED), there is noteworthy evidence suggesting its relevance.

Homocysteine, the compound influenced by vitamin B12, is increasingly being recognized as a contributing factor to ED. If there is not enough B12, homocysteine won’t be broken down.

Vegetarians and vegans may have higher chances of vitamin B12 deficiency since it is most commonly found in fish, meat, eggs, and dairy.

If you are feeling fatigued and weak, eating vitamin B12-rich foods or taking a supplement might just boost your energy levels, and make you stay erect longer.

To find out How Long Can The Average Man Stay Erect, you can check our guide, where we've discussed medical and natural ways.

Best herbal supplements for ED

We get it when some of you hesitate to take chemical-based supplements for your health conditions. Well, for people like you, herbal supplements seem like the best option.

Continue reading to determine if any of these herbal supplements improve sexual function, blood flow, and erection.

1. L-arginine

While digging up past studies we stumbled upon one conducted in 1999, that claims those men whose ED is triggered by reduced nitric oxide levels, incorporating L-arginine at high dosage showed promising results. How? It’s because arginine is an amino acid that helps another biologically produced chemical called nitric oxide to rise to sufficient levels and increase blood flow and erectile function.

Natural foods including red meat, nuts, seeds, dairy, and whole grains are higher sources of this herb.

2. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

DHEA are the very hormones that are responsible for birthing sex hormones in our body. Speaking of men, DHEA augments testosterone secretion in their body. 

If the cause of your ED turns out to be a lack of sex hormones, DHEA supplements might be a good ‘go-to’ therapy. 

3. Yohimbe

This African tree bark is what you need if you are going through any kind of sexual dysfunction, not just impotence. It has been long believed that Yohimbe is an aphrodisiac agent capable of fostering sexual desire and bettering erectile function.  

However, scientific studies have mixed results. So we can’t tell whether it works or not. 

4. Red ginseng

Just like Yohimbe, ginseng is a two popular name in the kingdom of herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction.  

These Korean-origin roots have concrete proof of their efficiency, unlike yohimbe. If you ask us, red ginseng is the best herbal treatment among the given names. 

In fact, in Asian countries ginseng is regularly used in culinary dishes. The research found that ginseng may only have trivial effects on erectile dysfunction and sexual satisfaction

Medications and Vitamins: Which is better for ED?

To be honest, there is no strong basis to compare these two as a better option. Prescription ED medications that contain Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil as active ingredients are completely regulated by the FDA and are given a ‘thumbs-up’ for the ED treatment. 

Meanwhile, vitamins are purely based on individual preferences and may not have the same level of scientific backing to support their effectiveness for ED. 

None of the vitamins and herbal supplements listed above have strong evidence in treating erectile dysfunction in men or regaining erectile strength. 

Again it’s entirely up to you whether you want to go with medications or explore natural remedies like vitamin supplements along with much-needed lifestyle modifications.

Talk to a doctor about your concern

If you are confused with all these options, we would suggest you consult a medical professional. They will rightly prescribe you the vitamin supplements that you find satisfying after a thorough diagnosis of the situation.  

Moreover, you will also get to discuss your concerns, treatment options, potential risks, and other such things which will ultimately help them to design a personalized treatment plan to effectively treat your erectile dysfunction.

Final words

If we speak about the correlation between ED and vitamin deficiency, there is no proven research or evidence.

Men who want to maintain good sexual health and erectile strength should eat varied vitamin-rich foods, exercise regularly, take enough rest, and maintain proper hydration. 

Mentally depressed, stressed, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and lack of physical activity can cause certain nutrient deficiencies.

However, medications, essential vitamins, and herbal supplements have always been the go-to options for men.

Do not take any medicine or supplements on your own, talk to your doctor first if you have any disease especially related to cardiovascular health.